Modern Platform Bed

So what is a modern platform bed? Basically it is abed frame, which can support the mattress without the use of the box spring, usually wooden slots or plywood panels are used as a mattress support in this case. This mattress support technology extends possibilities for modern designers in creation of almost unlimited new looks for your modern bedroom. Now you can choose from a quite bit of designs and styles which can satisfy any taste and needs. Most known styles in creation of modern platform bed are:

Japanese style platform bed - very low to the ground, usually with the wide side panels (5" and up). An idea for this stile was taken from traditional Japanese tatami mats.
platform bed

Storage platform bed - Usually 10" and up from the ground, placed underneath the bottom of the bed, used as an additional storage without ruining the look of the bed. Perfect for small apartments. The platform bed still looks modern and you have an extra storage space.

platform bed

Modern platform bed with an extended headboard - extra-wide headboard, sometimes wall-mounted. Headboard is usually long enough to cover the nightstands. Usually 125+" in length and about 30" in height.

platform bed

Bed frame could be upholstered or wood veneered. Different finishes are used, like dark walnut, cherry, or most popular wenge (dark chocolate brown). Often, color and material combinations are used, such as wood veneer/leather, wenge with high gloss lacquered colors like red, orange or white.

platform bedplatform bed

Please be careful when choosing the mattress for your modern platform bed. Do not take mattress higher then 8", maximum 9". Otherwise, high mattress will hide your headboard and ruin a modern look of your bed.

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