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The product is in Stock now in Black Pepper or Grey Brick Fabric 2, White Fabric 1. The other colors and material option for Special Order only: 8-14 Weeks.

Modern Sofa Boston by Soho Concept (Formerly BNT Furniture) is a contemporary two-seat sofa with its full feather back cushions. Its stainless steel sleigh base makes the sofa look very chic and elegant. The sofa is built on solid birch wood frame. The loose removable cushions are zippered and filled with down and feather. The frame is upholstered with cotton-linen fabric slip cover. This contemporary sofa is suitable for residential and commercial use. Boston Sofa can now be special ordered with no minimum quantity required. Boston Sofa is designed by Tayfur Ozkaynak. 

Material Options:

*Fabric 1&2 (
Jane Collection)
Cotton’s best property is its ability to breathe by absorbing and releasing perspiration quickly. Polyester provides improved wrinkle resistance, durability, high color retention and its low absorbency allows the fiber to dry very quickly. Linen absorbs moisture very rapidly and dries quickly so it is one of the most comfortable fabrics for warm climates. The blend of polyester with viscose, cotton and linen contributes durability, resiliency and shape retention.

*Wool (
Ankara or Camira)
Manufactured in the UK, Camira Wool is a totally natural, renewable and sustainable wool that gives task and soft seating a contemporary edge. Camira's most sustainable fabric ever is a unique blend of pure new wool and nettle fibre, creating an unrivalled environmental profile with inherent fire retardancy. The fibers are extracted using an environmentally preferable mechanical desertification process instead of separating them from the woody core by soaking them in chemicals or water. The Blazer range is made from 100% Lanev wool, sustainably produced and traceable right back to the individual farms in New Zealand. Totally natural and renewable this contemporary fabric has a great palette of both solid and melange shades.

*Leatherette (Furni-soft or Arden) - is known for better fitting and durability. It looks and feels like genuine leather. Despite being cost effective, leatherette seat covers provide the appeal 
and comfort of leather. Suitable for all climates, our leatherette material is breathable, anti-microbial, flame retardant and easy to clean. It's also strong enough to use in all 
applications including commercial areas. 

*PPM (
Kent Collection or Genetic Maya) - (Polyurethane-Polyester Microfiber) is a new upholstery material that has many advanced features including breath-ability, super durability, easy cleaning and maintenance. It is suitable for all climates and with its high durability, it emulates the finest leathers. PPM’s 1.5mm thickness gives reliable strength that also resists tearing, sagging, cracking and shrinking. PPM is recommended for high traffic commercial environments.

*Leather (Bicast) (
Kent Collection)
 is desired for its unique shine and easy care. It's a combination of natural leather hides processed and bonded to a man-made surface covering and then coated with a thick layer of polyurethane.This polyurethane layer is applied for a has a smooth, shiny finish and extra protection. In addition to the highly desirable “shiny” look, the coating helps prevent scratching, gives it a higher resistance to sunlight fading and is an excellent dir-repelling surface.

*Leather (Bonded) (Kent Collection) -  Bonded leather or reconstituted leather is a material made of varying degrees of genuine leather combined with other substances to give the appearance of leather at reduced cost. The polyurethane surface is stamped to give it a leather texture. Suitable for all climates, bonded leather is strong enough to use in all applications including commercial areas.

*Leather Top Grain, Leather (Genuine) and Vintage Leather (
Kent Collection) - leather is a natural material which is permeable to air and moisture; it is supple and soft, warm, flexible and durable – its characteristic comfort properties have been appreciated since time immemorial. With its fine finish, top-grain leather, and vintage leather are flame-resistant, light fast, oil-resistant and water-repellent. The exquisite beauty and true naturalness of top-grain leather and vintage leather are easy to clean.

Starting price for Sofa in Fabric 1 Upholstery.


  • Sofa: W91" x D35" x H24".
  • Chair: W35.4" x D35.4" x H23.6".
Upholstery types:

Fabric 1 (Jane Collection):

01_BlackDiamond_BNT_F1.jpg (185×200)01_BlackWhite_BNT_F1.jpg (185×200)01_Blue_BNT_F1.jpg (185×200)
01_CreamTweed_BNT_F1.jpg (185×200)01_Green_BNT_F1.jpg (185×200)01_GreyTweed_BNT_F1.jpg (185×200)
01_Orange_BNT_F1.jpg (185×200)01_Red_BNT_F1.jpg (185×200)01_SilverGrey_BNT_F1.jpg (185×200)
01_Turquoise_BNT_F1.jpg (185×200)01_White_BNT_F1.jpg (185×200)

Fabric 2 (Jane Collection):

01_BlackPepper_BNT_F2.jpg (185×200)01_Godiva_BNT_F2.jpg (185×200)01_GreyBrick_BNT_F2.jpg (185×200)

Wool Blazer (Camira/Ankara):

01_Aberdeen_BNT_W1.jpg (185×200)01_Amber_BNT_W1.jpg (185×200)01_Cranberry_BNT_W1.jpg (185×200)
01_DarkGrey_BNT_W1.jpg (185×200)01_DeepMaroon_BNT_W1.jpg (185×200)01_ForestGreen_BNT_W1.jpg (185×200)
01_RusticOrange_BNT_W1.jpg (185×200)01_Silver_BNT_W1.jpg (185×200)01_SmokeBlue_BNT_W1.jpg (185×200)
01_Espresso_BNT_W2.jpg (185×200)01_Fairfield_BNT_W2.jpg (185×200)01_Magdalene_BNT_W2.jpg (185×200)
01_Orange_BNT_W2.jpg (185×200)01_Pistachio_BNT_W2.jpg (185×200)01_Red_BNT_W2.jpg (185×200)
01_SkyBlue_BNT_W2.jpg (185×200)01_Turquoise_BNT_W2.jpg (185×200)

Leatherette (Furni-Soft):

01_Black_BNT_L.jpg (185×200)01_Brown_BNT_L.jpg (185×200)01_Cream_BNT_L.jpg (185×200)
01_Grey_BNT_L.jpg (185×200)01_LightGrey_BNT_L.jpg (185×200)01_Red_BNT_L.jpg (185×200)
01_Tan_BNT_L.jpg (185×200)01_Walnut_BNT_L.jpg (185×200)01_White_BNT_L.jpg (185×200)

Leatherette (Arden):

01_Blue_BNT_L.jpg (185×200)01_Green_BNT_L.jpg (185×200)01_Orange_BNT_L.jpg (185×200)
01_Purple_BNT_L.jpg (185×200)01_RoyalBlue_BNT_L.jpg (185×200)01_Turuoise_BNT_L.jpg (185×200)

PPM (Kent Collection):

01_Black_BNT_PPM_KC.jpg (185×200)01_Bone_BNT_PPM_KC.jpg (185×200)01_Brown_BNT_PPM_KC.jpg (185×200)
01_Chestnut_BNT_PPM_KC.jpg (185×200)01_Cream_BNT_PPM_KC.jpg (185×200)01_Grey_BNT_PPM_KC.jpg (185×200)
01_Orange_BNT_PPM_KC.jpg (185×200)01_Red_BNT_PPM_KC.jpg (185×200)01_White_BNT_PPM_KC.jpg (185×200)

PPM (Genetic Maya):

01_Black_BNT_PPM_GM.jpg (185×200)01_Brown_BNT_PPM_GM.jpg (185×200)01_Cream_BNT_PPM_GM.jpg (185×200)
01_DarkBeige_BNT_PPM_GM.jpg (185×200)01_Red_BNT_PPM_GM.jpg (185×200)01_White_BNT_PPM_GM.jpg (185×200)

Leather Top-Grain (Lena Collection):

01_Black_BNT_LTG.jpg (185×200)01_Bone_BNT_LTG.jpg (185×200)01_Brown_BNT_LTG.jpg (185×200)
01_White_BNT_LTG.jpg (185×200)

Vintage Leather (Kent Collection):

01_Amber_BNT_VL.jpg (185×200)01_Brown_BNT_VL.jpg (185×200)

Leather Genuine (Kent collection):

01_Amber_BNT_LG.jpg (185×200)01_Black_BNT_LG.jpg (185×200)01_Brown_BNT_LG.jpg (185×200)
01_Grey_BNT_LG.jpg (185×200)01_White_BNT_LG.jpg (185×200)G.jpg (185×200)

Leather Bicast (Kent Collection):

01_Brown_BNT_LB.jpg (185×200)01_Tan_BNT_LB.jpg (185×200)

Leather Bonded (Kent Collection):

01_Black_BNT_LBo.jpg (185×200)01_Brick_BNT_LBo.jpg (185×200)01_Brown_BNT_LBo.jpg (185×200)
01_Grey_BNT_LBo.jpg (185×200)01_White_BNT_LB.jpg (185×200)

Wood (Irvine Collection):

01_GreyOak_BNT_WOOD.jpg (185×200)01_NaturalOak_BNT_WOOD.jpg (185×200)01_WalnutOak_BNT_WOOD.jpg (185×200)
01_WengeBeech_BNT_WOOD.jpg (185×200)01_WengeOak_BNT_WOOD.jpg (185×200)01_WhiteLacquer_BNT_WOOD.jpg (185×200)

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